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Post Nemo Tips

by Matt Cohen on Feb 15, 2013

After being in a deep dark blog slump (and being slightly embarrassed that Lou has doubled my number of blog entries) I think I’ve finally broken out of the rut. Today we’re kicking off a new tradition; Friday’s frequently asked question of the week, or in Twitter terms FFAQOTW – let’s get this trending…

Due to the recent blizzard dubbed Nemo, we’ve received many calls about possible claims.

Here’s some information we hope will be helpful. Incase of a claim, please make emergency repairs as Safety is the 1st concern. Also, keep receipts & take plenty of photographs.

-Shovel your roof if possible to avoid future ice-dam claims. When the snow melts and then refreezes it causes ice-dams that are costly to have repaired. Ice-dams can cause separation of bricks and gutters to collapse – so be on the lookout!

-If filing a claim for food spoilage, make sure you have proof of the food lost (in picture & list form). If the claim has been submitted and you have been given the green light to purchase and replace lost goods, you have to keep receipts that will be provided to the insurance carrier. Please remember, some carriers offer loss free credits that can be up to a few hundred dollars of savings per year and if you file a claim you may lose that credit on your policy

-When it is safe, please remove downed trees/limbs from your property. We suggest hiring a tree company to come inspect the condition of the trees on your property for cracks and/or rot damage

-If you have lost power, make sure you keep a faucet dripping to avoid frozen pipes

-Do not let your car idle while in your garage as the fumes can lead to Carbon Monoxide poisoning

-Make sure your vehicle's muffler is free and unblocked of snow before turning on the car to defrost – this can also lead to Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Be safe!


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