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Emergency Preparedness

by Lou Cohen on Jun 5, 2014

Let’s start this blog with a question, why do we buy insurance? We could answer this question a whole lot of ways, but, plain and simple, insurance provides a sense of protection. Homeowners insurance protects your house. Car insurance protects your car. Pet insurance, well… protects your pet. You get the picture.


So, aside from insurance, what do you do to protect yourself? You wear sunscreen at the beach. You stay hydrated when you exercise. You have oodles of cans in your basement should Nemo (or any massive storm) hit again. And again, you get the picture. We all try to prepare for the unexpected because it’s scary and it’s out of our control. That’s why we worry about our insurance policies and buy an excessive amount of canned goods. But… there’s more.


We came across this new business and wanted to share it with you because it’s relatable to insurance. In fact, this new concept brings a tangible component to the feeling you get when you buy insurance. The feelings of safety, protection and being in control. Meet Boltwell…


Boltwell is a new concept in emergency preparedness. They are mainstream, totally approachable (not like those doomsday preppers you see on TV) and offer pre-kitted assortments. They have done the thinking for us and we really dig it. Boltwell offers different assortments based on your needs. Live on the Cape and worried about Hurricanes? They have a kit for that. Have a pet that you just love to pieces? They have a kit for that. Not even sure where to start but want to know your family is protected? They have a Foundation Kit for that.


Something else to love? Their approachable, informative blogs with downloadable checklists.


Check it out, you never know when the unexpected will occur.

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