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Ride-sharing, Car-Sharing and your Insurance.

Oct 31 2016 Hi! I'm Jeane Noriega and I'll be updating the CMI Blog from time to time on varied subjects. A little background on me: I used to work for Cohen Miles from 2005 until 2011, when I had to move to Florida to help my mom... more »

Emergency Preparedness

Jun 5 2014 Let's start this blog with a question, why do we buy insurance? We could answer this question a whole lot of ways, but, plain and simple, insurance provides a sense of protection. Homeowners insurance protects your... more »

Tara the Cat

May 21 2014 Tara the Cat was all the rage last week after saving her 4 year old owner from a vicious dog attack. The dog, who attacked his neighbor while riding his bike in his driveway was a Lab-Chow mix and made us think, how... more »

Braking for the Unexpected

Feb 7 2014 Braking for the Unexpected; This was one of many topics discussed and practiced at the recently attended In Control Crash Prevention Training class held in North Andover with two of my children and my office manager,... more »

Did You Know

Feb 3 2014 Happy Post Superbowl. Here are some things to think about: The registry doesn't mail license renewals so check your physical license for its expiration date Our carriers claims departments are open 24/7 Most carriers... more »

Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 27 2013 All of us at Cohen-Miles are thankful for a lot of things including our family, friends, clients and pets (have you been to our office lately?). We hope that wherever the roads may take you on Thanksgiving you have safe... more »

Patriot Strong

Nov 12 2013 One of the many fine carriers we represent is Safety Insurance. We're proud to have partnered with them for Patriots Pre & Post game shows on 98.5, the Sports Hub. Below please find the ad which you can hear during... more »

Veterans Day

Nov 11 2013 We at Cohen-Miles would like to thank all Veterans for their service each and every day. more »

Shark Week Is Upon Us!

Aug 5 2013 We recently saw this cartoon on Mashable and had a good laugh. What a perfect time to post it with it being Shark Week. more »

Why Every American Needs an Independent Insurance Agent

Jul 22 2013 Last week I was reading our monthly IA (Independent Agent) magazine and came across the following article (found below) as to why every American needs an Independent Insurance Agent and it really hits home. If you're a... more »

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