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by Louis Cohen on Feb 7, 2013

Since we are a full service agency and write worker’s compensation policies, we are often asked about the need for a state mandated worker’s compensation insurance policy. The common questions we often hear are: who is required to have it and what can possibly happen in an office setting that it would be needed?

In a non office setting, such as a contracting business or other retail or mercantile setting, the needs are more apparent and less questioned. As long as your business has part or full time employees, you are required to maintain worker’s compensation insurance.

Here’s an actual situation in our office of a need for worker’s compensation. Because someone had one of those darn cell phone cameras at his side and photographed it for all eternity, I will now share it- thank goodness it didn’t find its way to Instagram! Bet you could guess who had such a camera handy...

While standing over the shredder doing my thing, I reached for another stack of paper, wanting to keep my momentum going. That’s when the fun began. I was careful to keep a hand over my tie so it wouldn’t find its way to the shredder. What I failed to realize was that my new navy blazer fit perfectly into the opening of the shredder given the correct angle.

Here I was being dragged to the opening of the shredder. A few choice words followed and quickly, Matt came running from his office with his iPhone in tow- I should add that he was laughing uncontrollably.

The shredder did stop and I was able to remove the blazer from the machine, tattered and with my rage now under control, tears of laughter began.

The worker’s comp moral of the story? If I required an emergency room visit and medical attention, my bills would have been paid by our worker’s compensation policy. If I was seriously injured and became unable to work, lost wages would have been provided by this policy. Fortunately, none of the above occurred and I’m happy to report that the shredder itself survived!

Blogging is a new concept for me. Please feel free to write me to suggest topics for future entries that may be of interest.

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