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Old School vs. New School

by Louis Cohen on Jan 30, 2013

Having been in this business as long as I have (38 years if you count college days), I now need to adapt to the times. This is my first blog (insert crowd applause)! Blogs, tweets, and all kinds of social media are the new norm and all that people talk about.

My three children try to keep me up to speed but I must admit it’s not an easy task; just ask Matt who sees me daily - lucky him!

Even though I prefer paper files to computer screens and phone calls to emails, one thing remains constant. In our business, CUSTOMER SERVICE, and working with people is and always will be our top priority.

I know emails have taken over society and phone calls lag behind in daily communication; maybe that’s why people skills have diminished.

I’ve thought about putting a limit on the number of emails per person per day before insisting on a good old fashioned phone call. I’m still on the fence about doing so.

Have you experienced “customer service” from a cable company, utility, or credit card company? Does your blood pressure skyrocket as you navigate the automated system and out of country service that have become the norm?

When you call us, we have people to answer (unless we’re at a celebratory lunch) the phones. We strive to answer your questions when asked and certainly before the business day is over if research is necessary.

I’ve been around a long time and hope to continue the trend. Call me, email me, linkedin me, tweet me; I’d even say face time me, but I’m still old school and using a Blackberry- they’re working on me to change to an iPhone.

Whatever your favorite means of communication is, I will get back to you. I ‘m happy to report that after all these years, I still love what I do and will certainly not forget that it’s all about you, our client.

Feel free to recommend us to others-that’s how we grow and of course, comments are always appreciated.

One Article Comment

phil robinson

Wow, well done.

When will blog post two be up?

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