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Tara the Cat

by Matt Cohen on May 21, 2014

Tara the Cat was all the rage last week after saving her 4 year old owner from a vicious dog attack. The dog, who attacked his neighbor while riding his bike in his driveway was a Lab-Chow mix and made us think, how common are dog attacks? (If you haven't seen Tara body check the dog yet check it out here - )

Its hard to believe, but dog assaults cost the insurance industry $483.7 million last year! From that, do you know who dogs hate the most? I'm sure if you've been to our office to meet Ranger you know the answer is simple, the mailman! There were a reported 5,581 dog bites on mailmen in 2013 according to a recently distrubuted report. The average cost of a dog related claim has rised 45% in the last decade which brings up the important question, have you told us if you have a furry friend?

Here is a list of the top 15 States for Dog Bite Claims:

1.    California -- 449 claims, $14.7 million paid
2.    Illinois -- 309 claims, $8.9 million paid
3.    Ohio -- 221 claims, $4.2 million paid
4.    Texas -- 207 claims, $4 million paid
5.    Pennsylvania -- 180 claims, $5.8 million paid
6.    Michigan -- 162 claims, $3.9 million paid
7.    New York -- 149 claims, $6.4 million paid
8.    Indiana -- 146 claims, $3.5 million paid
9.    Minnesota -- 120 claims, $4 million paid
10.    Georgia -- 106 claims, $2.1 million paid
11.    Arizona -- 105 claims, $2.8 million paid
12.    Florida -- 93 claims, 5.5 million paid
13.    Oregon -- 91 claims, $1.4 million paid
14.    Missouri -- 88 claims, $2 million paid
15.    New Jersey -- 86 claims, $4.3 million paid

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