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Laughable Claims

Feb 28 2013 After all these years, we've certainly seen or heard claims that made us scratch our heads & wonder. Think of these the next time you get ready to file a claim... Client: This guy was all over the road. I had to... more »

Away at School

Feb 22 2013 Are your children in college? Let's address some of the issues relating to insurance while they're away. AUTO INSURANCE: Will your child take a car with them to school? Will they borrow a friend's car while at school?... more »

Post Nemo Tips

Feb 15 2013 After being in a deep dark blog slump (and being slightly embarrassed that Lou has doubled my number of blog entries) I think I've finally broken out of the rut. Today we're kicking off a new tradition; Friday's... more »


Feb 7 2013 Since we are a full service agency and write worker's compensation policies, we are often asked about the need for a state mandated worker's compensation insurance policy. The common questions we often hear are: who is... more »

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