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Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 27 2013 All of us at Cohen-Miles are thankful for a lot of things including our family, friends, clients and pets (have you been to our office lately?). We hope that wherever the roads may take you on Thanksgiving you have safe... more »

Patriot Strong

Nov 12 2013 One of the many fine carriers we represent is Safety Insurance. We're proud to have partnered with them for Patriots Pre & Post game shows on 98.5, the Sports Hub. Below please find the ad which you can hear during... more »

Veterans Day

Nov 11 2013 We at Cohen-Miles would like to thank all Veterans for their service each and every day. more »

Shark Week Is Upon Us!

Aug 5 2013 We recently saw this cartoon on Mashable and had a good laugh. What a perfect time to post it with it being Shark Week. more »

Why Every American Needs an Independent Insurance Agent

Jul 22 2013 Last week I was reading our monthly IA (Independent Agent) magazine and came across the following article (found below) as to why every American needs an Independent Insurance Agent and it really hits home. If you're a... more »

Happy 4th of July!

Jul 1 2013 We hope you have a relaxing and safe 4th of July! more »

Risk and Insurance

May 30 2013 The more risk, the higher the cost; seems to make sense in the insurance world. What causes insurance carriers to increase premiums or refuse to write a Homeowners or Auto policy? Here's a brief list: - Certain breeds... more »

Great Apps for your Smartphone & Tablet

May 8 2013 Now that 99% of the population uses their iPhone, iPad, Android or Tablet on a daily basis, here are some Apps which you may find useful. Carfax: The Carfax app enables you to scan or enter VIN #'s to instantly obtain... more »


Mar 29 2013 Compliments is the brainchild of the dynamic duo of Bobby & Kim. Having been in business now for a little over a year after driving back the truck they won from an eBay auction cross country, you've surely seen them... more »

Foodie Friday

Mar 22 2013 Friday's frequently asked questions segment is on temporary hiatus. When thinking up a replacement column/blog it just hit me - what do we all (and especially me) love the most? Obviously, food and our pets! Starting... more »

Eating Across Boston

Mar 20 2013 First and foremost Happy Spring! Wait a second, it doesn't feel like Spring at all with inches of snow & ice on the ground...Snow aside, as we march closer to the end of the month, and the start of April something... more »

Options, options & more options!

Mar 15 2013 How do you decide on the myriad of optional coverages when you purchase your Homeowners (Condo or Renters) insurance policy? While many coverages/provisions are standard on aMass.homeowners policy, there are still... more »

Rental Cars & Insurance

Mar 12 2013 How many times do you question whether to purchase insurance when you rent a car on vacation? While there are many things to consider, we will try to provide a brief summary for your review. Please call us to discuss... more »

Laughable Claims

Feb 28 2013 After all these years, we've certainly seen or heard claims that made us scratch our heads & wonder. Think of these the next time you get ready to file a claim... Client: This guy was all over the road. I had to... more »

Away at School

Feb 22 2013 Are your children in college? Let's address some of the issues relating to insurance while they're away. AUTO INSURANCE: Will your child take a car with them to school? Will they borrow a friend's car while at school?... more »

Post Nemo Tips

Feb 15 2013 After being in a deep dark blog slump (and being slightly embarrassed that Lou has doubled my number of blog entries) I think I've finally broken out of the rut. Today we're kicking off a new tradition; Friday's... more »


Feb 7 2013 Since we are a full service agency and write worker's compensation policies, we are often asked about the need for a state mandated worker's compensation insurance policy. The common questions we often hear are: who is... more »

Old School vs. New School

Jan 30 2013 Having been in this business as long as I have (38 years if you count college days), I now need to adapt to the times. This is my first blog (insert crowd applause)! Blogs, tweets, and all kinds of social media are the... more »

New Website, New Year, New Puppy...

Jan 28 2013 Well I guess we have finally accomplished the darn near impossible; we have entered the 21st century with a fully operational - dare I say impressive, 10 outta 10 website? After months of hard work alongside the great... more »

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